And now, a word on negativity…

There are several questions I’ve been asked so repeatedly in my life that I can barely stifle my eye-roll when they crop up time and again. In my former career, my favourite had to be “Oh! My cousin’s uncle’s sister’s boyfriend is a policeman in (insert town many miles away). Do you know Steve?” No. … Read more

Finding the time…

Slight delay in posting – I wrote this on Christmas Eve and haven’t got round to posting until now. Ironic in a way! Someone recently reminded me to make sure I invested as much time as possible with my family this Christmas; to remember that they weren’t fiction. That got me thinking. So often are … Read more

What if it was real?

As I mull over the unedited draft of Sanctuary, watching the emails go out to the newly recruited Beta readers like so many newly-hatched birds on their virgin flights, I can’t help but wonder how we, as a species, would really cope with an event like the one in the books. Having had long discussions … Read more

Things I did learn last week…

So, my epic roadtrip across the continent has come to an end. 3 countries (one by accident but I’ll explain later), 5 days, 7 tanks of fuel, 2 trains, 2381 miles, 41 hours in the car and 2 mountains climbed. The purpose of said roadtrip was to do the necessary research for the ending of … Read more

To travel is to live

I’ll very shortly be taking a break. A break from the world, from WiFi, from emails, phone calls and from pretty much everything. My concentration will be on sun, sand, all you can eat and drink, Mrs DCF and a lot of relaxing and all you can drink. Did I mention all you can drink? … Read more

Blue jobs and Pink jobs

I said BLUE. Get your minds out of the gutter. As some of my facebook crowd know, the future Mrs DCF and I are going through what is described as ‘one of the three most stressful things’; moving house. I’m curious about what the other two are, but Google reckons it’s getting married and getting … Read more

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Whilst the adage is an apt one for making snap judgements about a person and their abilities, if taken literally then I feel it may be somewhat inaccurate. Without doubt, the eBook phenomenon has revolutionised the way books are published, bought and sold, and above all else discovered. I won’t bore you with further regurgitation … Read more

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